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Just Be

I recently started listening to Podcasts. My favorite is, From the

Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen who resides in

Aruba. Her podcasts are very open and raw as she talks about her

daily life as an International yoga teacher, podcaster, author, wife

and mother.

During her latest podcast, she talked about the recent 5 days she had

away from her husband and baby girl. They were finishing up a

several week trip to France, when she started to feel tired, anxious

and moody. Her husband told her that he and their daughter would

be fine if she would like to go back to Aruba a couple days before

their scheduled trip home. This would give her time to herself to

settle back in. The first couple of days were hard as she felt guilty for

being away from her family. During this time, she came to the

realization that she had been on autopilot for quite some time by

always making sure that everyone else’s needs came first, which

made her tired and irritable. She then spent the rest of the days

meditating, doing yoga, reading and just “being”. As many of us do,

we always put our family and jobs first. Taking care of ourselves is

usually on the bottom of the list, or not at all.

In this hectic world that we all live in, we go from one thing to the

next without thinking of ourselves. Sometimes it takes us not feeling

well or something tragic to happen in our lives to come to the

realization that we need to slow down. For those of you reading

this who say that you just don’t have the time, you may be one those

who may need it the most. I’m not saying that you need 5 days away

from your job and family like Rachel did, just take time to do

something just for you. It can be taking a yoga class, going for a walk,

taking a hot bath, or just walking around your backyard listening to

the birds and just being present. All of those things on your “to do”

list will still be there when you get back. The difference will be that

you will be able to handle them with a calmer and clearer sense of


Listening to that podcast reminded me that I am just as guilty as

everyone else for not taking care of myself. It usually takes me

feeling aching and just not feeling well to slow down and take time

for me. Unrolling my mat to connect my body and my breath and

closing my eyes to thank God for everything he has given me are

just a few ways to give me the sense of grounding and calm that I


So when the kids are screaming, your boss keeps calling your name,

your inbox is filling up, your calendar is overbooked and you feel like

there is no end, close your eyes, take a breath and “just be”.


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